• Eye & the Oracle

A Positive Beginning for Streaming Content.

Welcome to the new "Eye & the Oracle" web-series, season one 2020! Interested soul-seekers can view the series on the Eye and the Oracle YouTube channel or at

The esoteric nature of the material for the "Eye and the Oracle" web series is a challenge to effectively convey the progressive and thought provoking content in a visual medium.

During these turbulent times when media forces a negative aspect upon society as the norm, leaving two massive generations of rising youth with little to no positive influences on their lives; it is clear the time is now for all to see and to hear this valuable life-affirming information.

In these videos are universal secrets for avoiding pain and manifesting pleasure and the things that you truly desire by making simple, practical changes to your definitions and beliefs. It is simple, practical and there is something for everyone, no matter what age, race, gender or nationality. The universal content is for all to freely enjoy. Season one has eleven episodes that explore states of being like: happiness, abundance, love, emotions, beliefs, definitions and personality structures. This next level, cutting edge, life-changing content offers tools and techniques you can use in your every-day life in practical and pragmatic ways.

Help us, help everyone - by watching Eye and the Oracle - and make LIFE the place to be.

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